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Montrose Township, Iowa Territory


Located in southern part of county on western shore of Mississippi River. Area settled by Captain James White, 1832, following Black Hawk War. Federal government purchased land from White to create Fort Des Moines, 1834. Fort abandoned; remaining settlement unofficially named Montrose, 1837. Township created by dividing Ambrosia Township, 1841. Important port on Mississippi River. Following expulsion from Missouri, some Saints (including Brigham Young family) settled in township at abandoned fort. Church membership in area grew rapidly from immigration. Iowa stake created, Oct. 1839, and centered at Montrose. Name changed to Zarahemla stake, 1841. Population of stake in 1841 about 700. As Saints gathered to Nauvoo, population dwindled and stake was reduced to a branch, Jan. 1842. JS took refuge in Montrose to avoid legal action from Missouri and Illinois. He and brother Hyrum left town, 23 June 1844, to return to Nauvoo just prior to going to Carthage.


Montrose Township
Lee County
Iowa Territory (now state)
United States of America