Celestial kingdom


Highest kingdom of glory in the afterlife; symbolically represented by the sun. According to a vision dated 16 February 1832, inheritors of the celestial kingdom “are they who received the testimony of Jesus, & believed on his name, & were baptized,” “receive the Holy Spirit by the laying on of the hands,” and “overcome by faith.” Those so qualified “dwell in the presence of God & his Christ forever & ever.” Teachings published in June 1832 explained that the celestial kingdom is “where God, and Christ is, and where they will be for eternity.” A revelation dated 22 June 1834 stated that Zion could be built only upon the “principles of the law of the Celestial Kingdom.” The account of a vision dated 21 January 1836 declared that all who had died without “knowledge of this gospel” could “be heirs of the celestial kingdom” if they would have received the gospel had they “been permitted to tarry.” In May 1843, additional teachings and revelation clarified that the celestial kingdom itself consists of “three heavens or degrees” and explained that to enter into the highest degree and receive exaltation, one must enter into “an everlasting covenant and be married for eternity.” Those who did so would “be Gods, because they have all power, and the angels are subject unto them.” See also “” and “.”