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Backenstos, William


29 Aug. 1813–11 July 1875. Sheriff, merchant, painter. Born at Lower Paxton, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. Son of Jacob Backenstos and Margaretha Theis. Baptized into Lutheran Reformed Church, 31 Oct. 1813, in Lower Paxton. Moved to Hancock Co., Illinois, by 1842. Elected Hancock Co. sheriff, 1842. Moved to Carthage, Hancock Co., by 1843. Married Clara M. Wasson, 3 Oct. 1843, in Nauvoo, Hancock Co. Moved to Nauvoo, by late 1844; to Amboy, Lee Co., Illinois, by 1850; to Wisconsin by 1853; to Iowa, by 1858; and to Iowa City, Johnson Co., Iowa, by 1860. Died in Iowa.