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Smith, Lucy Mack


8 July 1775–14 May 1856. Oilcloth painter, nurse, fund-raiser, author. Born at Gilsum, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire. Daughter of Solomon Mack Sr. and Lydia Gates. Moved to Montague, Franklin Co., Massachusetts, 1779; to Tunbridge, Orange Co., Vermont, 1788; to Gilsum, 1792; and to Tunbridge, 1794. Married to Joseph Smith Sr. by Seth Austin, 24 Jan. 1796, at Tunbridge. Moved to Randolph, Orange Co., 1802; to Tunbridge, before May 1803; to Royalton, Windsor Co., Vermont, 1804; to Sharon, Windsor Co., by Aug. 1804; to Tunbridge, by Mar. 1808; to Royalton, by Mar. 1810; to Lebanon, Grafton Co., New Hampshire, 1811; to Norwich, Windsor Co., 1813; and to Palmyra, Ontario Co., New York, 1816–Jan. 1817. Member of Western Presbyterian Church of Palmyra, early 1820s. Moved to Manchester, Ontario Co., 1825. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 6 Apr. 1830, most likely at Seneca Lake, Seneca Co., New York. Lived at The Kingdom, unincorporated settlement near Waterloo, Seneca Co., Nov. 1830–May 1831. Led company of approximately eighty Fayette, Seneca Co., branch members from Seneca Co. to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, May 1831. Stockholder in Kirtland Safety Society. Left Ohio for Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri, May 1838. Fled to Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, Feb. 1839. Located at Commerce (later Nauvoo), Hancock Co., Illinois, spring 1839. Husband died, 1840. Joined Female Relief Society, Mar. 1842, in Nauvoo. Lived with daughter Lucy Smith Millikin in Colchester, McDonough Co., Illinois, 1846–1852. Died in Nauvoo. Her narrative history of Smith family, published as Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith, 1853, has been an invaluable resource for study of JS and early church.


Alternate Names

Mack, Lucy