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Stout, Hosea


18 Sept. 1810–2 Mar. 1889. Farmer, teacher, carpenter, sawmill operator, lawyer. Born near Pleasant Hill, Mercer Co., Kentucky. Son of Joseph Stout and Anna Smith. Moved to Union Township, Clinton Co., Ohio, 1819; to Wilmington, Clinton Co., fall 1824; to Tazewell Co., Illinois, 1828; to Putnam Co., Illinois, 5 Apr. 1832; to Farm Creek, Tazewell Co., 1833; to Crow Creek, Putnam Co., 1835; to Wesley, Tazewell Co., fall 1836; and to Caldwell Co., Missouri, 1837. Married first Samantha Peck, 7 Jan. 1838, in Caldwell Co. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Charles C. Rich, 24 Aug. 1838, in Caldwell Co. Moved to Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, fall 1838. Moved to Sugar Creek, Lee Co., Iowa Territory, fall 1839. Ordained an elder by Seymour Brunson, 5 Oct. 1839, in Commerce (later Nauvoo), Hancock Co., Illinois. Moved to Commerce, Mar. 1840. Served as Nauvoo high council clerk. Married second Louisa Taylor, 29 Nov. 1840, in Nauvoo. Member of Nauvoo Legion, beginning 4 Feb. 1841. Ordained a seventy by Benjamin L. Clapp, 4 Oct. 1844, in Nauvoo. Elected trustee for Nauvoo Mechanical and Mercantile Association, 31 Jan. 1845, and later served as general secretary. Migrated to Salt Lake Valley, Sept. 1848. Elected member of first legislative assembly in Utah Territory, 1849. Served as attorney general of Utah Territory, beginning Mar. 1850. Elected to Utah territorial legislature, 1851. Appointed regent of University of Deseret, Oct. 1851. Served mission to China, 1852–1853. Elected Speaker of the House in Utah legislature, Dec. 1856. Served colonizing mission to St. George, Washington Co., Utah Territory, 1861. Appointed district attorney in St. George. Returned to Salt Lake City, 1866. Ordained a high priest, 1870, in Salt Lake City. Died in Big Cottonwood (later in Holladay), Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.