Journal, March–September 1838

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<​The Scriptory Book—​>
<​of Joseph Smith Jr.—​>
<​President of The Church of​>
<​<​Jesus​> Christ, of Latterday Saints​>
<​In all the World.​>
<​ April 12th. 1838.​>
<​Kept by Recorder​>
<​of the Church of Jesus Christ​>
<​of Latter Day Saints​>
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<​The following is a letter from Prest Smith☞​> [p. 15]
The Scriptory Book—
of Joseph Smith Jr.—
President of The Church of
Jesus Christ, of Latterday Saints
In all the World.
April 12th. 1838.
Kept by Recorder
of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints
[17 lines blank]
The following is a letter from Prest Smith☞ [p. 15]
Page 15