Lee County
Iowa Territory (now state)
United States of America

Lee County, Iowa Territory


First permanent settlement established, 1820. Organized 1837. Population in 1838 about 2,800; in 1840 about 6,100; in 1844 about 9,800; and in 1846 about 13,000. Following expulsion from Missouri, 1838–1839, many Saints found refuge in eastern Iowa Territory, especially near Montrose, Lee Co. Saints purchased about 20,000 acres of Half-Breed Tract in county, June 1839. Additional 30,000 acres purchased later. Iowa stake of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–day Saints organized, Oct. 1839. Stake later renamed Zarahemla. By Aug. 1841, stake had 750 members in 9 branches. Stake dissolved, Jan. 1842. See also “,” “,” “,” and “.”