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Zion (place)


JS revelation, dated 20 July 1831, designated Missouri as “land of Zion” for gathering of Saints and place where “City of Zion” was to be built, with Independence area as “center place” of Zion. Latter-day Saint settlements elsewhere, such as in Kirtland, Ohio, became known as “stakes” of Zion. About 1,200 Saints gathered in Jackson Co., but were expelled by other residents, 1833. After Saints settled in other counties, such as Clay and Caldwell, JS and church members continued to refer to main body of Saints in Missouri as Zion but still considered Independence to be center place and planned to return. JS dictated several revelations about “redeeming Zion” and recovering their lands in Jackson Co. In 1840, after Saints had left Missouri and settled in Nauvoo, Illinois, JS declared that Zion referred to all of North and South America and anywhere Saints gathered. See also glossary listings “” and “.”