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Iowa Territory


Area acquired by U.S. in Louisiana Purchase, 1803. First permanent white settlements established, ca. 1833. Organized as territory, 1838, containing all of present-day Iowa, much of present-day Minnesota, and parts of North and South Dakota. Population in 1840 about 43,000; in 1844 about 75,000; in 1846 about 96,000; and in 1850 about 192,000. Several Latter-day Saint settlements established in Iowa across Mississippi River from Commerce (now Nauvoo), Illinois. Iowa stake created, 1839. Locations of key church activities in territory include Montrose and Council Bluffs. During forced exodus from Nauvoo, 1846, approximately 15,000 Saints traversed territory westward from Montrose to Council Bluffs. While in area, about 500 Latter-day Saint men enlisted in U.S. Army of the West, July 1846, to provide support in Mexican War. Territory gained statehood, Dec. 1846.


Iowa Territory (now state)
United States of America