History, 1838–1856, volume E-1 [1 July 1843–30 April 1844]

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<​April 8​> heaven those who are found worthy; having the Spirit of Elijah and Elias he has power to seal with a seal that shall never be broken, and it shall be in force in the morn of the resurrection. Talk about spiritual wives! One that is dead and gone is spiritual. We will come up in the morn of the resurrection; and every soul that is saved will receive an eternal increase of glory. Will you believe this, (loud shouts of aye) Every great and good principle should be taught to the Saints, but some must not be taught to the world; until they are prepared to receive them; it would be like casting pearls before swine. [blank] <​No man must attempt​> to preach them. I believe every good man should have one wife in this life, and I know if I had two I should not know what to do with them; they might quarrel about me, and I might get a whipping. One is enough, and I warn all of you not to attempt it; if a man should begin to find you out, you would get into some cell in . Be careful what you teach; if you say anything one thousand miles off, it comes here. There are God’s spirits and the Devil’s spirits, and some carry it. If any man preach any false doctrine I shall disgrace him. God has commanded you to preach repentance to this generation; if this generation will not receive this Book of Mormon they will have no greater; the remaining portion is too strong for the people. The world [p. 1988]
April 8 [blank] [p. 1988]
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