Sources for Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith

In 1938 Joseph Fielding Smith, the historian of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aided by his associates in the Church Historian’s Office, published an immensely popular compilation of Joseph Smith’s sayings, writings, and discourses, titled Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. At the time, and for decades after, it was one of the most accessible resources for church members to read and study the words of Joseph Smith. Joseph Fielding Smith’s compilation was based on B. H. Roberts’s History of the Church, which was in turn based on later copies of Joseph Smith documents found in his multivolume manuscript history. Because of this, though generally accurate, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith is considered an outdated source for scholarly use. This index will aid researchers in finding more original texts for Joseph Smith quotations. In some cases, the sources linked to in this index demonstrate that a passage did not originate with Joseph Smith but with a scribe, newspaper editor, or other associate.

The table below links passages in Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith to the earliest known primary sources, most of which are available on the Joseph Smith Papers website. The headings from the 1938 publication are reproduced in the first column for easy reference. Page numbers refer to pagination in the first edition, which is identical to most later printings still in use. Some passages presented in Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith were amalgamated from multiple sources, in which cases the table cites all the sources used. Some of the source material not yet available on the Joseph Smith Papers website can be accessed using the digitized collections of the Church History Library and of the Perry Special Collections at Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library.

A full transcript of Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith is available at the Book of Abraham Project. Special thanks to Michael Duval, who assisted the staff in compiling the data used for the index presented here. To report errors or provide updates to this index, please contact us.


Sections: 1: 1830–1834 | 2: 1834–1837 | 3: 1838–1839 | 4: 1839–1842 | 5: 1842–1843 | 6: 1843–1844

Section 1: 1830–1834

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Section Heading
Page no.
Earliest known source(s)
Title Page of the Book of Mormon
p. 7
Value of the Revelations and Commandments
pp. 7–8
Parting the Veil through Perfect Faith
pp. 8–9
Perfect Love a Safeguard against Falling from Grace
p. 9
Comment on Revision of the Scriptures
pp. 9–11
The Prophet’s Views on the Vision
p. 11
Search the Revelations of God
pp. 11–12
Every Man as Agent for Himself
pp. 12–13
Letter to Editor Saxton
pp. 13–14
A Sleeping Christianity
p. 14
The Covenant with Israel
pp. 14–15
The Covenant with the Gentiles
p. 15
The Earth Defiled
pp. 15–16
How to Escape Judgments
p. 16
Zion and Jerusalem
pp. 17–18
Important Correspondence with the Brethren in Zion
p. 18
A Warning to Zion
pp. 18–19
An Epistle
pp. 19–20
Order for Instruction in the Church
pp. 20–21
Order by Which Revelation Comes
pp. 21–22
Items of Instruction concerning the Consecration of Property
pp. 22–23
By Mutual Consent
p. 23
Answers to Queries to Brother Phelps’ Letter of June 4th
pp. 23–25
Excerpts from the Second Communication to the Brethren in Zion
p. 25
The Gift of Tongues
pp. 25–26
Minor Events in Zion and Kirtland—An Appeal to the Governor of Missouri
p. 26
Letter to Vienna Jaques
pp. 26–27
Remembrance of Canada Saints—Correspondence and Petition Relative to Missouri Affairs
p. 27
Anxiety for Afflicted Saints
pp. 27–29
Coming of the Son of Man
pp. 29–30
The Prophet’s Reflections concerning Sidney Rigdon
p. 30
Sidney Rigdon
pp. 30–31
The Prophet’s Maxims
p. 31
Instructions on Sale of Land in Zion
pp. 31–33
A Letter from the Prophet Joseph Smith to the Exiled Saints in Missouri
pp. 33–34
Zion to Suffer Affliction
p. 34
The Righteous Suffer with the Guilty
pp. 34–35
The Value of an Inheritance
pp. 35–37
A Prayer for the Afflicted Saints
p. 37
Blessings Given to Oliver Cowdery and the Prophet’s Family
p. 38
Blessing of Oliver Cowdery
p. 38
The Prophet’s Blessing to His Father and Mother
pp. 38–40
The Prophet’s Blessing to His Brother Hyrum
pp. 40–41
Blessing to Samuel and William Smith
p. 41
Counsel and Admonition
p. 42
The Evils of Hasty Ordinations
p. 42
Avoiding Disputes
p. 43

Section 2: 1834–1837

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Section Heading
Page no.
Earliest known source(s)
Excerpts from an Epistle of the Elders of the Church in Kirtland to Their Brethren Abroad
p. 47
Spiritual Darkness
p. 47
The World’s Deplorable Condition
pp. 47–49
The Law of Free Agency
p. 49
Obedience to Governments Necessary
pp. 49–50
As Man Approaches God He Is Enlightened
p. 51
Laws of Man Not on Parallel with Laws of Heaven
pp. 51–52
“Thus Saith the King”
pp. 52–53
God Speaks from Heaven
pp. 53–54
The Faithful to Receive Celestial Rest
pp. 54–55
All Governments Have Laws
pp. 55–56
What Is the Purpose of Existence?
pp. 56–57
Man Departed from the Lord’s Government
pp. 57–58
The Law of Sacrifice
pp. 58–59
The Lord Spake to Abel
p. 59
Gospel Ordinances from the Beginning
pp. 59–61
Not All Revelation Is in the Bible
pp. 61–62
Blessings for the Faithful—The Resurrection
p. 62
The Marriage Supper
p. 63
They Who Endure to the End
pp. 63–64
A Crown for the Righteous
pp. 64–65
The Ancient Saints Obtained Promises
pp. 65–66
Apostates Excluded from Fellowship
pp. 66–68
Gift of Salvation
p. 68
Duties of Seventies
p. 68
Orders in Councils
p. 69
Our Acts Are Recorded
pp. 69–70
Covenant of Tithing
p. 70
Importance of Revelation
pp. 70–71
Kindness to Animals Required of Man
p. 71
Never Trifle with the Promises of God
pp. 71–72
Important Items of Instruction to the Twelve
p. 72
Importance of Records
pp. 72–73
Records a Protection against Evil
pp. 73–74
Calling of the Apostles
p. 74
Order of Councils
pp. 74–75
Calling of Seventies
pp. 75–76
Love for One Another
p. 76
Duty of the High Council and Elders
pp. 76–77
Seek to Save Souls
pp. 77–78
Officers in Transgression
pp. 78–79
Excerpts from an Epistle to the Elders of the Church of Latter-day Saints
p. 79
The Prophet’s Commandment to Go to Missouri
pp. 79–80
Location of Zion
p. 80
Principles of the Gospel
pp. 80–81
pp. 81–82
Not Leaving the First Principles
pp. 82–83
To the Elders of the Church of the Latter-day Saints
p. 83
Righteousness to Sweep the Earth
pp. 83–84
The Glorious Resurrection
p. 84
The Elect Must Be Gathered
pp. 84–85
The New Jerusalem
pp. 85–86
Duties of Elders
pp. 86–88
Love of Husbands and Wives
pp. 88–89
p. 89
The Prophet’s Remarks to the Twelve
pp. 89–90
Special Ordinances
pp. 90–91
Order in the House of God Always the Same
p. 91
Endowment Necessary
pp. 91–92
High Councils and the Twelve
p. 92
Gathering of Israel
pp. 92–93
Orders in Councils
pp. 93–94
Parable of the Sower
p. 94
He Who Will Not Receive Light Shall Lose Light
pp. 94–95
Darkness the Condemnation of the World
pp. 95–96
Explanation of the Parable of the Sower
pp. 96–97
Parable of the Tares
pp. 97–98
Parable of the Church in Last Days
pp. 98–99
Modern Sons of Sceva
pp. 99–100
Parable of the Leaven
p. 100
Destruction of the Wicked the End of the World
pp. 100–101
The Treasure Hid in a Field
pp. 101–102
The Net Cast in the Sea
p. 102
False Doctrines of Joshua the Jewish Minister
pp. 103–104
Transmigration a Doctrine of the Devil
pp. 104–105
Authority of the Twelve
pp. 105–106
Vision of the Celestial Kingdom
pp. 106–107
p. 107
Vision of the Apostles
p. 107
The Prophet’s Vision of the Twelve
p. 108
The Prophet’s Draft of Resolutions
p. 108
Evils of Intemperance
pp. 108–109
The Twelve as Revelators
p. 109
Priesthood and Church Organization
p. 109
Revelation of Necessary Ceremonies
pp. 109–110
High Priests Not to Be Seventies
pp. 110–111
How and by Whom Revelation Comes
pp. 111–112
Offices in the Priesthood
p. 112
Value of a Righteous Rebuke
pp. 112–113

Section 3: 1838–1839

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Section Heading
Page no.
Earliest known source(s)
The Political Motto of the Church of Latter-day Saints
p. 117
The Word of Wisdom
p. 117
Revelation Given to Brigham Young at Far West
p. 118
Evils of Hasty Judgment
pp. 118–119
The Prophet’s Answer to Sundry Questions
pp. 119–121
The Prophet and Party at Tower Hill or Adam-ondi-Ahman
p. 122
The Prophet’s Letter to the Church Written from Liberty Jail
p. 122
In Bonds for the Testimony of Jesus
p. 123
Though in Prison, Yet Hearts Not Faint
pp. 123–124
Blessed Are the Persecuted
pp. 124–125
Accused by False Witnesses
pp. 125–126
Consecrated Lives
pp. 127–128
Wilful Sin Unpardonable
p. 128
A Word of Exhortation
pp. 128–129
The Prophet’s Epistle to the Church, Written in Liberty Prison, Clay County, Missouri, March 25, 1839
pp. 129–130
The Sustaining Love of God
pp. 130–131
The Persecution of the Saints
p. 131
A Righteous Appeal to Heaven
pp. 131–132
Perilous Times
pp. 132–133
Change of Public Opinion
pp. 133–134
The Sympathy of Friends
p. 134
The Value of Tribulation
pp. 134–135
A Tried People
pp. 135–136
A Location for the Saints
p. 136
Beware of Pride
pp. 137–138
Revelation of Eternal Truth
p. 138
Ignorance Retards the Church
p. 138
The Hand of the Lord Cannot Be Stayed
pp. 139–140
Continued Reflections
p. 140
Preparation against the Wrath of God
p. 141
Many Called but Few Chosen
p. 142
The Priesthood Gentle and Long-Suffering
pp. 142–143
Experience through Suffering
p. 143
Gathering of the Saints
pp. 143–144
The Gathering of False Reports
pp. 144–145
A Duty to Wives and Children
pp. 145–146
Counsel against Secrecies
pp. 146–147
The Principle of Religious Freedom
pp. 147–148
The Prophet’s Instruction on Various Doctrines
pp. 148–149
Doctrines of Resurrection and Election
p. 149
The Two Comforters
pp. 149–150
The Second Comforter
pp. 150–151
The Spirit of Revelation
p. 151
The Evangelist
p. 151

Section 4: 1839–1842

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Section Heading
Page no.
Earliest known source(s)
Beware of Pride
pp. 155–156
Not Sent to Be Taught
p. 156
Do Not Betray the Brethren
p. 156
A Key to Mysteries
pp. 156–157
The Prophet on Priesthood
p. 157
Priesthood Everlasting
p. 157
Adam the Oldest Man
p. 157
The Spirit of Man
p. 158
Keys Given to Peter, James, and John
p. 158
Descent of Priesthood
pp. 158–159
We Cannot Be Perfect without Our Dead
p. 159
No Salvation without Revelation
p. 160
Signs of Second Coming Have Commenced
p. 160
Hearts of Children Turn to Fathers
pp. 160–161
No Peace but in Zion
p. 161
Try the Spirits
p. 161
Angels Do Not Have Wings
p. 162
Saints Not to Escape Judgments
pp. 162–163
Letter of the Prophet to Elders Hyde and Page—Palestine Mission Considered
p. 163
A Blessing to the Covenant People
p. 163
The Publication of Books
pp. 163–164
The Duty of Seventies
p. 164
Trials before High Council
pp. 164–165
The Prophet’s Letter to William W. Phelps, Welcoming Him Back into the Church
pp. 165–166
The Melchizedek Priesthood Holds All Authority
pp. 166–167
Adam the First Man
pp. 167–168
Ordinances Always the Same
p. 168
Adam Received Commandments from God
pp. 168–169
Adam Holds the Keys of Presidency
p. 169
Cain Cursed for Unrighteousness
p. 169
The Mission of Enoch
pp. 169–170
The Doctrine of Translation
pp. 170–171
The Keys of Priesthood
pp. 171–172
Sacrifice to Be Part of Restoration
p. 172
The Mission of Elijah
pp. 172–173
All Ordinances Restored
p. 173
An Epistle of the Prophet to the Twelve
pp. 173–174
The Gospel in England
p. 174
Love a Characteristic of Deity
pp. 174–175
A Place of Gathering
p. 175
Printing of Books
p. 176
The Saints Prospering
p. 177
The Temple
p. 177
Death of Patriarch Joseph Smith
pp. 177–178
Spread of the Gospel
pp. 178–179
Saints to Live unto God
p. 179
Baptism for the Dead
pp. 179–180
Description of Paul
p. 180
Different Degrees of the Priesthood of Melchizedek
pp. 180–181
Elements Are Eternal
p. 181
Observation on the Sectarian God
p. 181
p. 182
The Temple
p. 182
The Gathering of Saints
p. 183
Order of the Priesthood in Temple Building
p. 183
Report of the First Presidency at the April Conference, 1841
p. 184
Missionary Reports Satisfactory
pp. 184–185
A Prayer for Continued Peace
pp. 185–186
Impoverished Saints
pp. 186–187
The Prophet’s Discourse on Gospel Principles
p. 187
The Doctrine of Agency
pp. 187–188
The First Principles
pp. 188–189
The Doctrine of Election
p. 189
Three Independent Principles
pp. 189–190
The Three Personages
p. 190
Discourse, ca. May 1841, as Reported by Unidentified Scribe–A; see also L. John Nuttall, “Extracts from Wm Clayton’s Private Book,” 10–11, L. John Nuttall, Papers, BYU
The Twelve Next to the First Presidency
p. 190
Trust in God when Sick
p. 190
Baptism for the Dead
p. 191
Angels and Ministering Spirits
p. 191
Pardoning Mercy an Eternal Principle
pp. 191–192
Sectarian Baptism
p. 192
Salvation for the Dead
p. 193
Do Not Accuse the Brethren
pp. 193–194
Perfection of the Book of Mormon
p. 194
Value of Chastisement
pp. 194–195
The Gift of Tongues
p. 195
Announcement respecting Work on the Temple
pp. 195–196
The Prophet’s Sermon on Life and Death; the Resurrection and the Salvation of Children
pp. 196–197
Do Not Procrastinate Repentance
p. 197
Redemption of Little Children
p. 197
Decrees Fixed and Immovable
pp. 197–198
Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost
pp. 198–199
Key Words of the Priesthood
p. 199
Difference between the Holy Ghost and the Gift of the Holy Ghost
p. 199
The Universal Resurrection
pp. 199–200
Baptisms Performed
pp. 200–201
Synopsis of the Prophet’s Sermon on Baptism for the Dead
p. 201
Synopsis of the Prophet’s Remarks to the Female Relief Society
pp. 201–202
“Try the Spirits”
pp. 202–203
Ignorance of the Nature of Spirits
pp. 203–204
Discerning of Spirits by Power of Priesthood
pp. 204–205
The Spirit of God the Spirit of Knowledge
pp. 205–206
The Gift of Discernment of Spirits
pp. 206–207
The Gift Held by the Prophets
p. 207
Difference between Body and Spirit
p. 207
Spirits Eternal
p. 208
Wicked Spirits Restricted in Power
p. 208
False Prophets
pp. 208–210
pp. 210–212
All This Is Wrong
p. 212
Satan May Give Manifestations in Tongues
pp. 212–213
False Spirits in the Church
pp. 213–215
Remarks of the Prophet at the Funeral of Ephraim Marks
pp. 215–216
Synopsis of Remarks of the Prophet—Reproof of All Wickedness
p. 216
Men Are Saved through Obedience to Knowledge
p. 217
Baptism for the Dead
pp. 217–218
Justice of the Great Lawgiver
p. 218
Christ Preached to Spirits in Prison
pp. 218–219
Plan of Salvation before the World Was
p. 220
False Doctrines in the World
pp. 220–221
Plans of Jehovah Just
p. 221
What of the Fathers?
pp. 221–222
Responsibility of the Jews
pp. 222–223
Saviors on Mount Zion
p. 223
All Offices in Church Honorable
pp. 223–224
Gifts of the Gospel
pp. 224–225
Aspiring Men
p. 225
The Prophet’s Intimation of His Death
pp. 225–226
Corruption Not to Be Condoned
p. 226
To Dwell with God, the Soul Must Be Pure
pp. 226–227
The Devil’s Power to Deceive
p. 227
Beware of Self-Righteousness
pp. 227–228
Instruction through the Priesthood
pp. 228–229
The Gift of Tongues
p. 229
Diligence of the Saints in Building the Temple
pp. 230–231
The Cause of God a Common Cause
p. 231
All Things to Be Gathered in One
pp. 231–232
A Catacomb of Mummies Found in Kentucky
pp. 232–233

Section 5: 1842–1843

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Section Heading
Page no.
Earliest known source(s)
Highest Order of Priesthood Revealed
p. 237
Beware of Excessive Zeal
pp. 237–238
The Spirit of Forgiveness
pp. 238–239
Guard the Tongue
p. 239
The Principle of Mercy
pp. 239–240
Satan Retards the Human Mind
pp. 240–241
Men Cannot By Compelled into Kingdom
pp. 241–242
The Gift of the Holy Ghost
p. 242
Gifts of the Spirit
p. 243
Diversity of Gifts
pp. 243–244
The Gift of Prophecy
p. 244
The Church a Compact Body
pp. 244–245
The World Cannot Know the Gifts of the Spirit
p. 245
The Things of God Known Only by the Spirit of God
pp. 246–247
The Necessity of Prayer
p. 247
The True Use of Tongues
pp. 247–248
The Government of God
p. 248
Man’s Government Brings Misery and Destruction
pp. 248–249
Failure of the Governments of Men
p. 249
Has Man Increased in Intelligence?
p. 249
Man Not Able to Govern Himself
p. 250
The Design of Jehovah
pp. 250–251
Government Established by God
pp. 251–252
Universal Peace to Come from God
pp. 252–253
Earth Now Groaning under Corruption
p. 253
It Behooves Us to Be Wise
pp. 253–254
The Saints Subject to Divine Counsel
p. 254
Letter of the Prophet to Governor Carlin—Satisfied with the Governor’s Attitude
pp. 254–255
Prophecy That the Saints Would Be Driven to Rocky Mountains
p. 255
Happiness the Design of Existence
pp. 255–256
Every Gift from God Is Just
pp. 256–257
Men Are Judged according to Their Deeds
p. 257
The Church to Prevail against All Evil Powers
pp. 257–258
No Man without Fault
p. 258
Most Injury Comes from Little Evils
pp. 258–259
Persistence of Wicked Men
p. 259
Baptism for the Dead
p. 260
Persecution the Heritage of the Righteous
pp. 260–261
Saints Come through Tribulations
pp. 261–262
p. 262
pp. 262–264
Gospel Always the Same
p. 264
Man Must Be Born Again
pp. 264–265
Necessity of Repentance
pp. 265–266
Baptism Required in All Ages
p. 266
Greatness of the Jaredites and Nephites
pp. 266–267
Effects of Disobeying Counsel
pp. 267–268
The Rule of Christ in the Millennium
pp. 268–269
What Constitutes a Prophet?
p. 269
JS, Journal, 1 Jan. 1843; JS History, Draft Notes, 1 Jan. 1843; William Clayton, Journal, 1 Jan. 1843
Status of the Negro
pp. 269–270
Necessity of Faith
p. 270
False Reports
pp. 270–271
The Kingdom of God
p. 271
Where the Kingdom of God Is Not, There Is No Salvation
pp. 271–272
Need of Revelation
p. 272
John Held Keys of Aaronic Priesthood
pp. 272–273
The Kingdom and Its Fruits
pp. 273–274
Divine Authority Necessary to Make Ordinances Valid
pp. 274–275
p. 275
The Greatness and Mission of John the Baptist
pp. 275–276
Christ Considered Least in the Kingdom by Jews
p. 276
The Parables of Jesus and the Interpretation of the Scriptures
pp. 276–278
Scriptural Correction
p. 278
The Calling of a Prophet
p. 278
The Sign Seeker
p. 278
Views of the Prophet on Constitutional Powers
pp. 278–279
Editorial, Wasp, 8 Mar. 1843, [2]; JS, Journal, 25 Feb. 1843
The “Sign” of the Son of Man
pp. 279–280
Battle of Gog and Magog
p. 280
Giving Blessings a Tax on Strength
pp. 280–281

Section 6: 1843–1844

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Section Heading
Page no.
Earliest known source(s)
A Prophecy
p. 285
p. 285
JS, “Proclamation,” Wasp, 29 Mar. 1843, [4]
Remarks at the Conference on the Church
pp. 286–287
On Leaving Meetings Near the Close
p. 287
The Beasts of John’s Revelation
p. 287
The Punishment of Suspense
pp. 287–289
Daniel’s Vision of Beasts
p. 289
John’s Vision of Futurity
pp. 289–290
Exceptions to Bible Translations
pp. 290–291
Varied Creatures in Heaven
pp. 291–292
Elders to Preach Repentance and Let Mysteries Alone
pp. 292–294
The Resurrection
pp. 294–295
The Righteous to Have Joy in the Resurrection
pp. 295–297
Salvation through Knowledge
p. 297
Salvation Is to Triumph over Enemies
p. 297
No Salvation without a Tabernacle
pp. 297–298
Calling and Election
pp. 298–299
The Value of Aged Men in Counsel
p. 299
Meaning of Word Mormon
pp. 299–300
Remarks of the Prophet at Ramus—Importance of the Eternity of the Marriage Covenant
pp. 300–301
William Clayton, Journal, 16 May 1843; see also JS History, Draft Notes, 16 May 1843
The Celestial Glory
p. 301
William Clayton, Journal, 16 May 1843; see also JS History, Draft Notes, 16 May 1843
Salvation and Sure Word of Prophecy
p. 301
William Clayton, Journal, 17 May 1843; see also JS History, Draft Notes, 17 May 1843
God Breathed into Adam His Spirit
p. 301
William Clayton, Journal, 17 May 1843; see also JS History, Draft Notes, 17 May 1843
Eternal Duration of Matter
pp. 301–302
William Clayton, Journal, 17 May 1843; see also JS History, Draft Notes, 17 May 1843
The Prophecy on the Head of Stephen A. Douglas
pp. 302–303
William Clayton, Journal, 18 May 1843; JS History, Draft Notes, 18 May 1843
The Prophet’s Discourse from 2 Peter, First Chapter—Reproof of Self-Righteousness
p. 303
The Prophet’s Characterization of Himself
p. 304
The Secrets of Peter’s Writings
p. 304
Things Unlawful to Utter
pp. 304–305
Calling and Election to Be Made Sure
p. 305
The Devil’s Punishment
pp. 305–306
The Prophet on Forming Temperance Societies
p. 306
Righteous Judgments
p. 307
Wilford Woodruff, Journal, 27 May 1843; Quorum of the Twelve, Minutes, 27 May 1843, CHL
Testimony concerning Brigham Young and H. C. Kimball
p. 307
The Purpose of the Gathering of Israel
pp. 307–308
Principles of the Gospel Never Change
p. 308
Salvation for the Dead
pp. 308–309
Some Men “Too Wise to Be Taught”
p. 309
p. 309
Baptism for the Dead Taught in New Testament
p. 310
The World of Spirits
pp. 310–311
Men of God Endowed with Wisdom
p. 311
The Doctrine of the Godhead
pp. 311–312
The Son Does What the Father Did
p. 312
The Cause of the Prophet’s Success—Love for His Fellow-Man
pp. 312–313
Love of Liberty
pp. 313–314
Necessity of Ordinances
p. 314
Discourse—Burden of the Prophet’s Ministry—Friendship
pp. 314–315
Loyalty to Friends
p. 316
Love Begets Love
pp. 316–317
Proverbs of the Prophet Joseph Smith—1843
p. 317
Excerpts from a Sermon by President Joseph Smith
pp. 318–319
The Prophet’s Remarks at the Funeral of Judge Higbee
pp. 319–320
Covenants of the Fathers Revealed
p. 321
The Priesthood
pp. 321–322
Three Grand Orders
pp. 322–323
The Mission of Elijah
p. 323
Instructions respecting Plurality of Wives
pp. 323–324
How Salvation Is Acquired
pp. 324–325
Angels and Spirits
pp. 325–326
The Prophet on the Constitution of the United States and the Bible—Temporal Economics
pp. 326–327
The Creeds of Men
p. 327
Errors in the Bible
pp. 327–328
The Kingdom of God
p. 328
Punishments Await this Generation
p. 328
Temporal Economy—Care of the Poor
pp. 328–329
Discourse: The Sealing Power in the Priesthood
pp. 329–330
The Sending of Elijah
p. 330
Saints Have Not Much Time
pp. 330–331
All Ordinances Necessary
p. 331
Unwillingness of Saints to Learn
p. 331
Views of the Prophet on His Candidacy for President of the United States
pp. 331–332
Western Movement for the Church Contemplated
p. 332
To Gain Salvation the Laws of God Must Be Obeyed
p. 332
The Western Exploring Equipment
pp. 332–333
JS, Journal, 23 Feb. 1844; Quorum of the Twelve, Minutes, 23 Feb. 1844
A Prophecy of Deliverance of the Saints
p. 333
The Worthy to Receive Endowments
p. 333
Remarks on Political Matters
pp. 333–335
Discourses of the Prophet—Elias, Elijah, Messiah
p. 335
Mission of Elias to Prepare the Way
pp. 335–337
Mission of Elijah
p. 337
For the Living and the Dead
pp. 337–338
Sealing on Earth and in Heaven
p. 338
Falling from Grace
pp. 338–339
Murderers Have No Forgiveness
pp. 339–340
Mission of Messiah
pp. 340–341
The Power of Truth
p. 341
“The King Follett Discourse”: The Being and Kind of Being God Is; the Immortality of the Intelligence of Man by Joseph Smith the Prophet
p. 342
The Character of God
p. 343
What Kind of Being Is God?
pp. 343–344
The Privilege of Religious Freedom
pp. 344–345
God an Exalted Man
pp. 345–346
Power of the Father and the Son
pp. 346–347
The Righteous to Dwell in Everlasting Burnings
pp. 347–348
Meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures
pp. 348–349
A Council of the Gods
pp. 349–350
Meaning of the Word Create
pp. 350–352
The Immortal Spirit
pp. 352–354
The Power to Advance in Knowledge
pp. 354–355
The Relation of Man to God
p. 355
Our Greatest Responsibility
p. 356
A Salvation for Men
pp. 356–357
The Unpardonable Sin
p. 357
The Forgiveness of Sins
p. 358
“In My Father’s House”
pp. 358–359
Righteous Mourners Rejoice
pp. 359–360
pp. 360–361
A Call to Repentance
pp. 361–362
President Joseph Smith’s Remarks—The Whole of America Zion—April Conference, 1844
p. 362
Ordinances in the Temple
pp. 362–363
Stakes of Zion
p. 363
President Joseph Smith’s Address—Defense of His Prophetic Calling—Resurrection of the Dead—Fulness of Ordinances Necessary Both for the Living and Dead
p. 364
Interpretation of Scripture
pp. 364–365
Eternal Judgment
pp. 365–366
The Resurrection
p. 366
Salvation for the Dead
pp. 366–367
The Resurrection Universal
pp. 367–368
The Prophet’s Dreams on Conditions of Apostates at Nauvoo
pp. 368–369
Sermon by the Prophet—The Christian Godhead—Plurality of Gods
pp. 369–370
Plurality of Gods
pp. 370–371
Scriptural Interpretation
pp. 371–373
Abraham’s Reasoning
p. 373
The Church Being Purged
pp. 373–374
Eternal Glories
pp. 374–375
The Lord Will Not Acknowledge Traitors
pp. 375–376
The Prophet Predicts His Death
pp. 376–377
False Accusations
pp. 377–378
Letter: Joseph and Hyrum Smith to Governor Ford—Consenting to Go to Carthage
pp. 378–379
The Start for Carthage
p. 379
Like a Lamb to the Slaughter
p. 379
Joseph Smith to Governor Ford—Explaining His Return to Nauvoo
p. 380
On the Way to Carthage
p. 380
The Prophet’s Interview with Militia Officers
p. 381
Letter—Joseph Smith to Governor Ford—Soliciting an Interview
pp. 381–382
The Prophet’s Premonition
p. 382
JS History, vol. F-1, 168Willard Richards, Journal, 26 June 1844; Dan Jones, The Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, 1855, CHL, 6 (transcript available here)
The Ill-Treatment of John Smith—5:30 p.m.
pp. 382–383
The Last Night in Jail
pp. 383–384
Elder John Taylor’s Account of Governor Ford’s and President Smith’s Interview
pp. 385–391
Letter: Joseph Smith to Emma Smith—Prophet’s Instruction as to Reception of the Governor
pp. 391–392
Not Always Wise to Expose Evil
pp. 392–393
The Prophet’s Dream
pp. 393–394
Letter: Joseph Smith to O. H. Browning—Engaging Browning as Legal Counsel
p. 394