United States of America



Became part of Northwest Territory of U.S., 1787. Admitted as state, 1818. Population in 1840 about 480,000. Population in 1845 about 660,000. Plentiful, inexpensive land attracted settlers from northern and southern states. Following expulsion from Missouri, Latter-day Saints gathered in Quincy, Springfield, and other areas, winter 1838–1839. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leaders and agents purchased land around Commerce (now Nauvoo), spring 1839, and JS and many Saints settled there. Latter-day Saints were politically united in area, leading to tension between Saints and local residents. JS and Hyrum Smith were shot by mob, 27 June 1844, while incarcerated at Carthage. Saints were expelled from Nauvoo, 1846, and began westward migration to present-day Utah.